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Perseverance - The Pursuit of Purpose

It is so easy to quit.  In fact, it seems that we are almost preferenced to quit than to persevere.  But, what if we chose to not give in? 


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You might be going through something really challenging right now.  Sometimes, it feels like even though life can be really great in one area it can also be really not-great in another.  Can you relate to this?  


Here are three thoughts I hope you will consider:

1. Have you figured out WHY?

We all want nice things...but have you figured why? The real key to not giving up is knowing why you shouldn't. WHY are you faithful in your relationship? WHY are you studying? WHY are you on a diet? WHY are you still going to medical appointments? WHY are you asking for help?  If you can figure out WHY you are going to have a reason to persevere.  

2. Are you thinking long term?

Most of us are very in-tune with how we feel right now. This very minute you may feel hungry, angry, depressed or tired. This 'right now' feeling can influence how we view what we are committed to and trying to pursue. Before quitting, ask yourself if you are thinking long-term or if you are making a decision in the heat of the moment. 

3. What will happen if you do quit?

Sometimes what we imagine and what is reality are two very different things. You might be facing conflict at your place of work and contemplating quitting your job.  But have you thought about what might happen to the bills you need to pay if you quit your job?  It is a helpful thing to take the time to think about what might happen if you actually do quit. The result may not be what you anticipate and as many would say to you, "the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence."


Perseverance and Purpose go hand in hand.  If you can figure out your purpose you will have the strength and ability to persevere.  There may be times in your life where the best thing to do is to end something that isn't working but don't let that be an excuse for quitting every time there is a challenge to be faced. Chose to be a person that never quits! 

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