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Is everyone doing well except me?

Is everyone successful except me?

"How come I'm not on holiday in Greece or driving a sports car or wearing new clothes?"

Well, the truth is; NO. Not everyone is doing well. Financially or in other areas.


The West Australian had an article titled (19/9/17); "Home Mortgage Pain on Rise" by Shane Wright. It reads, "People are falling behind on their mortgages across WA at record rates as the State’s economic struggles flow through to the pay packets of homebuyers." ...“Relatively poorer economic and housing market conditions in WA have contributed to the record high level of mortgage delinquencies,”...The delinquency rate comes on top of figures showing house values across WA falling and the slowest growing wages in the country."


That was almost three years ago and the reality is that nothing has changed in the economy other than time.  If you are going through a tough time, it is a big mistake to assume that you are the only one.


3 reasons not to compare yourself with others:

1. Its not an accurate representation of reality that you are comparing.

The highlight reel of someones life is very different than reality. Everybody has challenges but its basic social decorum to not advertise flaws and weakness. What might look perfect may be far from it.

2. It is damaging to your sense of self-worth.

There are certain biases in our world. Some advantageous and some aren't. An individual may have advantages that aren't available to you. Instead of comparing what you don't have, you would be better off realising what you do have. You do have value.

3. Looking around you won't help you achieve anything.

A constructive world view is beneficial for building business, family and social habits. But, trolling through other peoples lives will distract you from running your own race. Keep it simple - look forward at what YOU need to achieve.


So is EVERYONE doing well and successful except you? No. So don't compare yourself to unrealistic images of success. Focus on your own race!

If this has been helpful - forward this article on to someone today by using the links below! Peace out!

#livinginthepresent #fomo #comparisongames

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