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How to repair a bad google search?

How to repair a bad google search?

What happens when you google your name?

Try it. Maybe you really like what comes up. Maybe you wish whatever result did not exist. Perception does matter. So, how do you repair a bad google search?


Generally speaking? You can't.


Whether it is a photograph, someone else's opinion or your legal history - there is really very little you can do to repair a bad google search. There are costly methods to remove certain items but the reality is that as quickly as something could come down, another thing could go up. You aren't in control.


So here's 3 things you can do instead:

1. Don't google yourself.

You already know who you are. There isn't any need to find out who the internet thinks you are.

2. Focus on the future.

The past is in the past. Good or bad its over. Plan your future and make it bright.

3. Live now.

Enjoy whats in front of you and the people in your life. Reality and google /facebook/ instagram/ wikipedia are two very different things.

If you feel that people will judge you based on your google history - based on my own personal life experience - maybe you need to find people to do life with that won't.


#reputation #dealingwiththepast #livinginthepresent

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