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Not sure if you've remembered this lately but, I have, this past week; Life is short. In a blink, it can all be over. Everything can change and never revert to how it was. Perhaps, that would be welcome in some cases, however, whilst we do seem to always want some sort of improvement there are aspects of life that are beautiful right now.




This isn't solely a literal recommendation to take more photographs (it is in part) but rather it is an encouragement to pause and live in childlike wonder. Every minute you inhale will never return. You will never get to revisit today again. Contentment is beyond being satisfied, instead, it is a value that can carry you over even during challenging seasons.


Here are a few thoughts I hope you will consider:

1. Take more photos.

Okay, so I actually mean this literally. A selfie with a friend may be a redundant thing but you don't have to post online every single photo you take. Sometimes its worthwhile taking the pic just because. Because you're in love. Because you're dressed up. Because it's Tuesday. Does the occasion really matter?

2. Say it.

We all have thoughts. Some are negative but so many are positive. We love the way a friend has dressed or how someone invited us for dinner. Take the time to SAY what you feel when it is in the positive. No point taking those thoughts to bed. You never know how a word of encouragement can make a huge difference to someone. Always take the time to lift people up. It's rare and so valuable.

3. Be wild.

Perhaps not all the time but I'd encourage you to be wild more than not. Live spontaneously. Take a risk. Be a little crazy. If you're gonna live once then live well. Recently, I was in a city for a very short 24 hours. I may have packed into that 24 hour period more than most would in a week! I would much rather live adventurously and risk rejection, failure and looking stupid than the alternative of living within a blanket of bubble wrap around my heart. Be wild - you never know what may come of it!


The most precious gift we have is love. The human heart is designed to embrace this intangible commodity. The promise of love tomorrow or the memory of love past is nothing compared to love today. Be a person that; says the best in the moment, lives with a wildness and TAKES PHOTOGRAPHS just because!

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