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The BEST Way To Achieve Your Goals

Jeremiah Jacob | @inking_j

We all have personal dreams that we hope to see eventuate. Whether they be defined as "goals" or a general picture of what we would like in our lives, we all have that restless feeling that is an anticipation of something more in our future. So, how do we get from where we are to achieving our goals?


The BEST way to achieve your goals? I recommend you start here;

Write your goal.


This sounds so simplistic that its easy to cast it off as irrelevant. It may seem that its a waste of time. But I can assure you that it is far from a waste of time. It is far from simplistic. Writing it down is THE BEST way to ensure that you give yourself a fighting chance of accomplishing the dreams in your heart.


Why writing down your goals works;

1. You can achieve a goal when you know exactly what it is.

2. When you know exactly what the goal is, it will help you remember it regularly.

3. When you remember your goals regularly you will begin to prioritise your goals.


So find a notebook, write it on pieces of paper you put on your fridge, or sketch it in your phone, but, whatever you do just make sure you write your goals and make it clear. Take the time to create something that will define it for you and in turn help you remember it. Consequently, this will assist you to make your goals a priority. What you prioritise you will inherit.


Take the simple, but, powerful step to write your goal. It won't cost you anything to do it, but, it may cost a lot if you don't. Don't waste another day without being clear on the direction of your life.

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