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est. 2001

Jeremiah Jacob is an experienced public communicator.  He has spoken to small and large audiences around the world and has delivered over 10,000 presentations over twenty years.  His style is conversational and extremely engaging. Jeremiah has spoken in a variety of different environments from public schools, prisons, churches, non-profits, corporate and conferences.  In 2017 he spoke to over 100,000 people over the course of the year in leadership conferences and events.


Jeremiah has a variety of topics that he is frequently asked to speak on which includes:

  • Resilience and Mental Health - developing a pathway back to strong

  • Emotional IQ in the workplace - creating a culture of respect and boundaries

  • Embracing diversity and racial identity - how to empathise with what you don't understand

  • Ethical client and climate impact - the bigger picture of wholeness

  • Reputation Management - how to navigate social media and criticism

  • Example Leadership - creating a world class team from the ground up

  • Turning loss around - embracing grief and moving forward

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