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At The Kitchen Table - TrailerJeremiah Jacob
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"stronger than you:think"

the number of men in Australia who die by suicide is nearly double the national road toll (

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Jeremiah Jacob is a writer and speaker who has travelled extensively engaging with audiences around the world. He has experienced great personal challenges and loss. From humble beginnings as the kid of missionary parents in the Philippines, to heading up non-profits such as soup kitchens and homeless outreaches in Australia and the US. With a background in Business mergers for 15 years, Jeremiah was also manager for Safety & Rescue Australia at Calibre Global. He founded school programs in Australia and the US that provided students with practical mentoring in regards to social and emotional development. However, over the course of a decade he experienced extreme low points of racial discrimination, marriage breakdown, financial losses, clinical depression and imprisonment. 


Emerging from the worst of experiences, Jeremiah's life story will inspire those who feel their losses can not be overcome. His story of enduring a gruelling 32 months in maximum security prisons across two countries is a testimony like no other. The 'grand finale' was being told in court at his last hearing that 'the guilty party was not in the room'. This was soon followed with a pat on the back by a federal judge who said he was "a good man".

Jeremiah's story provides hope to those who are hopeless. He conveys confidently, that all of us are stronger than we think. 

Today, Jeremiah is over-the-moon happily married to Priscilla-Anne an Australian actress and producer. They share a mutual love for the arts, puppies and the simple things in life. 


topics covered;

  • Resilience and Mental Health - developing a pathway back to strong

  • Emotional IQ in the workplace - creating a culture of respect and boundaries

  • Embracing diversity and racial identity - how to empathise with what you don't understand

  • Ethical client and climate impact - the bigger picture of wholeness

  • Reputation Management - how to navigate social media and criticism

  • Example Leadership - creating a world class team from the ground up

  • Turning loss around - embracing grief and moving forward


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